The Best Coffee in the Entire World!

Maybe I’ve written about this before, but I’ll write about it again and again because I believe it to be true.

Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans has the best coffee in the whole wide world.

I write this as I lay on the bed in my hotel room, high from all of the sugared beignets I’ve eaten.  Look at this picture, it looks like I was on a drug binge.  Nope.  It’s all powdered sugar.


You know what I love about New Orleans?  You can eat at a McDonalds here and the food will taste amazing.  The hotel we’re staying has a restaurant with the most amazing sweet iced tea, and their “New Orleans Cuisine”  is probably comparable to that of an Olive Garden, but it’s so good.  I think people just really know how to cook down here.

More to come.

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