Macy’s After Hours…Creepy, yet enchanting.

I’ve never done any “after hours” shopping unless you can count Walgreens.  I took advantage of being right by Macy’s at around 2:00am.  I went in and saw some pretty interesting things…and some weird things too, and some things that scared me so I did not take photos of them because I feared for my life.  I seriously thought the bathroom was at one point a crime scene.

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It looks so welcoming and magical on the outside…


This window was particularly disturbing…


If you’ve been to Macy’s during normal business hours, the lower floors are so jovial and modern.  The higher up you go, the escalators even change and things get a little weird.  There was a MASSIVE crowd at the in-house McDonalds.  I was too scared to take a picture.


Did you know that there is a WIG Salon next to a post office on the 9th floor.  Yeah.  Creepy.  It’s hidden off into an alcove that I was too scared to wander

SantaLand is closed kids…abandoned, a shell of what it was over the past month…


The most beautiful yet creepy area.  Filled with drunk, high, men, quietly wandering around aimlessly.  Trying to establish eye contact with anyone who they came in contact with. The creepiest part, there was no music playing anywhere in the store.


It’s not too late to buy this gem of a gift, a “Buty Panty”, I declined…
photoSo peaceful, yet a crime scene waiting to happen…

Happy Holidays!  I was going to hit Old Navy after Macy’s I ran and got into a cab instead.

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