Find out what time the world ends in YOUR town!!!

Well we all know what tomorrow is.  According to the Mayan’s, the world is supposed to end.  I woke up this morning with that annoying Britney Spears song in my head.  Now I’m listening to it, because it just feels right.

I was planning on gong to the gym today, but if the world really does end tomorrow I guess it won’t matter.  So I’m taking the day off and working on some writing projects.  Then I’ll see my shrink later who will hopefully convince me that indeed, the world will not end.

If the world does NOT end tomorrow, I have decided I WILL go to the gym in celebration and then the tanning salon.  Call me vain…(I had filler yesterday).  If the world ends, I guess it will not make a difference.

OKAY!  For those of you who want the details on the world ending (this website may scare you).  There is actually a set time!  It also has to do with planetary alignment.

11:11 AM GMT time. You can go to this site and they have a nifty converter that will tell you what time the world ends in YOUR city!  Isn’t that fun!?

New York-6:11AM

Los Angeles-3:11AM

So it looks like I’ll be asleep when this happens.  So I’m going to go about my day and if the world indeed does end tomorrow, or we’re invaded by aliens-which I just read about here.  I’d be bummed, but it’s been a good run.


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