My Best Beauty Product Choices of the Year Are!…..

I will love Sephora always and forever, but sometimes the best deals you can get are as cheap and easy to find as a cheap drink in a dive bar.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on my top beauty products that I’ve chosen as my super favorites!!

Sally Hansen Nail Strips!

Hands down, the BEST deal on “nail polish” strips out there.  They last for almost a week, you can peel them off, or take them off with nail polish.  Sometimes it can be a crapshoot though!  If you buy a pack that’s not super new, and that can be hard to tell, the strips may not stick to your nails…but a hairdryer can help soften them up for you 😉

I’m just super excited to try their new gel strips which are hitting shelves soon!

Loreal B & B Cream.

This stuff feels like nothing on your skin.  I LOATHE makeup, but for those times where I have to actually throw something on.  This is the bomb!  It comes out of the tube white, with little pigment capsules that burst and magically match your skin tone! (purchase appropriate shades, ala, light-medium-dark).  It’s about $10.00 and I really like how it comes out white and not too cakey.  I purchased a $40 designer brand at Sephora and promptly returned it.  This stuff rocks!


CK One Liquid Eyeliner

This stuff goes on like a felt tip marker.  It stays on for awhile as well.  I slept in mine, and barely had to touch it up the next day.  It’s worth the $22 price tag.  You get what you pay for with eye products.



I am STILL in search of the perfect Mascara.  I’ve been impressed with CK One, Dior Show, and pleasantly surprised with Rimmel which is an affordable drugstore version.  As much as I love eyelash extensions, I cannot be bothered to lay down long enough to get them done.  I have too much to do nowadays.

Does anybody have any stellar mascara they can recommend?

Until next time, enjoy….


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