Ron Jeremy, Porn Star and Hopeful Romantic…

This is from my trip to Vegas…I almost forgot I had this little gem of an interview and photo with Ron Jeremy.  I’ve got some awesome stuff coming up tomorrow, fyi…so come back again then too!


Do you like nice dinners and live music?  Fine wine and then maybe a little action in the sack?

Well I’ve got news for you ladies, Ron Jeremy is all about taking his sweet time with things.

I had the chance to chat with Ron, otherwise known as “The Hedgehog”, in Las Vegas this past week.  When I asked him what his idea of a perfect romantic date would be, his answer was a surprise.

Ron: Every guy would say, no date, go right to the house watch tv, save money, play hide the maker, shoot the sherbet, drain the main vein and squeeze the weasel.  I don’t say that.  That was me years ago.  Now I just like to go do something, a nice dinner…I have some money, I’m not a kid anymore.  Rock and roll shows, comedy clubs.  Being me I have an advantage, I get in most places for free.

Awesome!  Ron wouldn’t have to even really pay for the date himself.  Everybody wins!

I asked Ron if he liked karaoke.

Ron: I like karaoke, but I don’t sing.  I do this.

Ron then presented a harmonica from his pocket and played a song for me.  Immediately after that, he tried to get me to show him my boobs.  Was this his way of trying to seduce me out of my clothes?  Hasn’t he seen enough cleavage in his life?  (I politely declined).  He didn’t even offer me dinner, or tickets to go see a comedy show.

Interested ladies? Ron has performed in over 1,200 adult films, and slept with just as many, if not more, women. He’s capable of autofellatio, and he’s also a narcoleptic.  This man has experience and must be dynamite in bed!  If he falls asleep on you, or his head disappears between his own legs, don’t take it personally!

Ron loves animals too!  He’s been a PETA spokesperson and appeared naked in one of their ads.  Ron has also appeared in mainstream films such as “The Boondock Saints” and most recently “Girls Gone Dead”.  Currently, he’s developing a line of rum, Ron de Jeremy-rum Ron style.  Quite the entrepreneur.

Before I departed, Ron again requested to see my boobs (I still declined), and gave me a hug and his business card.  Then I went to my hotel room and took a shower.