Food Poisoining and Atlantic City…

Yeah…I spent a little 24 hours in Atlantic City this past week with my beloved.  We both got food poisoning and stayed in a crappy resort with bad customer service that rhymes with “Farrah”.  Boo.  Boo.  Boo!  Everyone at that place was rude…however they had a spectacular $3 for 3 scoops of ice cream happy hour that was amazing (and probably caused me to fall ill as well)


The good thing about food poisoning is that none of the calories I consumed probably counted…the bad thing about it, is well…food poisoning can really put a damper on your vacay, and I certainly enjoyed this awesome salt water taffy I got in AC, even though I probably puked most of it up.

This stuff did not make me sick…I want more!

Let me recuperate for a few days and then I shall blog about more adventures I have had.


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