Food Poisoining and Atlantic City…

Yeah…I spent a little 24 hours in Atlantic City this past week with my beloved.  We both got food poisoning and stayed in a crappy resort with bad customer service that rhymes with “Farrah”.  Boo.  Boo.  Boo!  Everyone at that place was rude…however they had a spectacular $3 for 3 scoops of ice cream happy hour that was amazing (and probably caused me to fall ill as well)


The good thing about food poisoning is that none of the calories I consumed probably counted…the bad thing about it, is well…food poisoning can really put a damper on your vacay, and I certainly enjoyed this awesome salt water taffy I got in AC, even though I probably puked most of it up.

This stuff did not make me sick…I want more!

Let me recuperate for a few days and then I shall blog about more adventures I have had.


How to get FREE Stuff on Your Birthday!

Everyone loves free stuff.  Everyone has a birthday.  So this year I decided to research what I could get for FREE on my birthday.

Unfortunately, most of the options involved restaurant hopping at places that aren’t even located in New York or Los Angeles.  BUT they may be in a town near YOU, so here’s a list of the awesome FREE things (mainly food/desserts from chain restaurants) you can get on your birthday.

If you’re a Sephora Beauty Insider you get a FREE beauty gift.  I got some lipstick and lipgloss!  I then went to another Sephora and tried to get another free Birthday gift.  Do NOT try this.  Sephora keeps track of when you redeem your gift, and it was kind of embarrassing (but they gave me another one anyways.)

If you like blow outs, The Dry Bar gives you a FREE 10 minute floater the month of your birthday.

Other than that, I got a lot of cool gifts from people I work with, and I got a really nice cake and my friends came by to visit me which was super nice.

Who doesn’t love FREE stuff?!