Some Really Awesome Beauty Products…

Yes I am back from Las Vegas.  No I did not get married out there.  If I told you what I ended up doing while I was out there, I think you’d find it so bizarre you would not believe me.  Actually, you’d probably find it very disappointing.  I ate so much I gained probably 5 pounds.  I’ll blog more about Vegas soon.  Until then, I’ll tell you about my most recent beauty product discoveries that I’m pretty obsessed with.

Ulta Extreme Wear Lip Tint

This stuff is only $8.00!  I like it WAY better than Benetint and it lasts longer and smells better!  It would be a stretch to say it actually tastes good, because you’re not supposed to eat it, but it’s way more pleasant that Benetint.  I HIGHLY recommend this stuff.  Big time.

I scored the sweet deal of THREE bottles of this awesome UK import Dry Shampoo at TjMaxx, for $6.00!  If you want it THAT bad, you can get it at Amazon.

Yes it is “gold shimmer”.  So be ready to look kind of sparkly.  In fact, your whole bathroom will sparkle momentarily as you apply it and continue to do so for a few minutes after.  I bought three cans of this because I have a hoarding problem with dry shampoo.  This is something that I will only use for nighttime outtings and in emergency situations when I have no other dry shampoo left…which at this rate, will never happen because I have close to twenty cans of it now.





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