REVIEW: Bosica Bright White Mask…

I went into Sephora the other day.  You know, just to “look” around.  I didn’t need anything from there.  Who ever needs something from a makeup store?  I was immediately drawn to the Bosica Bright White Mask.  I also have their Black Mask, so I just had to buy the white one.

Beauty stuff isn’t cheap, but I’m a sucker for this crap, so I shelled out the $38.00 and tried it.  Here is a picture.  I feel like a mime in this mask.

So yeah, this mask is thicker than the black one.  The consistency is gooier than toothpaste, and it smells REALLY nice and went on easier than it’s black counterpart.  It also dries a lot faster.  It’s still kind of a pain in the ass to remove, but I’ll deal with it.

I don’t see any immediate change, but I’m sure if I use this on a weekly basis I will notice some sort of difference…or I could probably just put bleach on my face too for a more quicker, yet dangerous brightening effect.

All in all…this mask smells pretty damn good and I’ll definitely be tossing it in my magical bottomless beauty product bucket…

Preparing for Vegas…

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