It’s that time of the year again…VEGAS time…

Last year I was lucky enough to be in Vegas and witness some of the action being filmed for Oxygen’s Brooklyn 11223

This year I am going for a strip club convention and my mom, dad, sister, some of my friends, fiance, etc are coming.  It should be a very interesting trip.  I do not know if my parents will partake in any of the convention activities, but it will certainly (hopefully) be fun for everyone.

As of now we have NO plans to marry in Vegas…although the Cosmopolitan has a “pop-up chapel”getting married.  No, I do not think I we will be getting fake married…but you never know and stranger things have happened.

I will do my best to blog about any crazy/interesting/random happenings while I’m in Vegas…what happen’s in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for me…but if you know me at all don’t get too excited about the mis-adventures I may be getting myself in…then again…who knows.

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