Just Because a Dress is Called a “Running Dress” Don’t Take it Literally…TRUST ME…

Well, we’ve all made fashion mistakes before…and if something has a “sale” tag on it, I’m usually more inclined to buy it because I am all about a great bargain.

I’ve said before that I like Lululemon…but when I bought this dress and decided to wear it to the gym today…I realized that WOW…this dress is NOT made for literal RUNNING.  Even though it’s called “Run in the Sun Dress”.  I do like the color though, and it looks fab with the tan I have going on…but again it is NOT for running-unless you are an exhibitionist or shooting a porn.

This girl blogged about the dress too.  Here’s a pic, with a link to her feelings about the dress:


I feared the worst when I put this dress on, so I did workout with biking short on underneath it…a lot of the people at the gym gave me weird looks.  I didn’t care…then I finished my workout-looked in the mirror and felt like a bitch.

I was working out in a DRESS.  I probably looked like a snob.

Anyways…I do not plan on working on my fitness in this outfit again, however, I will probably wear it to brunch or something, or to walk the dog.

Here’s another dress you can get at Lululemon.  Clearly, I don’t think it’s meant for working out in.

It’s a big piece of fabric with two holes in it, and kind of reminds me of an “Infinity Dress”

Remember those?

If you click on this pic, you will see how a law student made her VERY OWN Infinity Dress…see…you can’t say I never tried to provide some helpful advice on this blog.

I am now going to continue catching up on “The LA Complex”…good God…that show is the most sugar coated, Disney version of Los Angeles I’ve ever seen…I’m hooked.



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