And ANOTHER Sleep Aid…Neuro Sleep Review…AND Neuro Bliss Review…

I think I’m onto something with sleep aids…people keep coming to this site to look at what I have to say about them, so I’ll stick with it until I run out of things to try.

The only sleep aids I have not tried, and do not plan on trying are Ambien or Lunesta…I think those things are more dangerous than benzodepanes, and sadly you can walk into a minute clinic and get a prescription for those as easy as you can “score” one for anti-biotics.  I’ve just heard too many horror stories about sleep eating, walking, etc…

Okay, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Neuro Sleep.

Click pic to check out their site and the rest of their colorful beverages…

Look how fun and colorful these dudes are!

AND….Neuro Bliss

FYI:  If you want a sleep aid to hit your system faster, make sure you take it on an empty stomach.

Okay, I’ve tried Neuro Sleep twice now.  The first time…I was like, “Whatever…” but I was watching television so forced myself to stay up.

The SECOND time I took Neuro Sleep though…good GOD!  I had chugged at least 4 Sugar Free Red Bulls at my office, and thought, “Okay…we’ll see how good this stuff REALLY is…” and I have to say, it knocked me out, AND I was watching the latest episode of “Breaking Bad” which I love…so you know what that means.  IT WORKS.

This stuff is only 35 calories a bottle, and has a yummy yet weird orange taste to it that I actually really liked.  Do not take this during the day, unless you want to pass out.  I am going to take more tonight!

Okay…so last night I took Neuro Bliss.  It was equally yummy and tasted kind of like a fizzy grapefruit soda.  I got a little sleepy, but once again I was watching television, and the sleepiness wore off…but I know I could’ve passed out if I had wanted to.

Neuro Bliss can be taken during the day, but I wouldn’t operate any heavy machinery or watch small children while doing so.

Anyways…both of these drinks rock.  I’m curious to try the other ones, particularly Neuro Thin-which is supposed to be full of fiber and make you eat less.

More to come soon…





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