ZZZ Quil Part 2…and MORE Ways to Fall Asleep With MORE sleeping aids that are alcohol free!

I got such a great response from my ZZQuill review, that I’ve decided to follow up with my own personal remedy for my sleepless nights.

I can’t have alcohol, so it’s hard to find something that will knock me out since I’m an insomniac…but I’m giving you my PERSONAL remedy…I have a high tolerance to most sleeping aids because of all the caffeine I have during the day…but this stuff seriously knocks me out better than ANY benzo I’ve been prescribed.

Click on the pic to see the FAQ’s of this amazing Alka Seltzer product.

I take this more often than not, even if I DON’T have a cold.  It’s not harsh on the system and actually GOOD for you because there’s also a daily dose of aspirin in this stuff that doctors recommend to prevent heart attacks.  So if you can’t sleep OR if you think you may be having a heart attack-pop some alka selzter…

I make it with very little water, so it will taste AWFUL but works faster.

Then I will “chase” it with ONE of the following:

Dream Water– all-natural.

Drank– High in sugar content, but pretty effective.

Slow Cow -available in original and all-natural.

Sleep tight.


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