Some Really Awesome Beauty Products…

Yes I am back from Las Vegas.  No I did not get married out there.  If I told you what I ended up doing while I was out there, I think you’d find it so bizarre you would not believe me.  Actually, you’d probably find it very disappointing.  I ate so much I gained probably 5 pounds.  I’ll blog more about Vegas soon.  Until then, I’ll tell you about my most recent beauty product discoveries that I’m pretty obsessed with.

Ulta Extreme Wear Lip Tint

This stuff is only $8.00!  I like it WAY better than Benetint and it lasts longer and smells better!  It would be a stretch to say it actually tastes good, because you’re not supposed to eat it, but it’s way more pleasant that Benetint.  I HIGHLY recommend this stuff.  Big time.

I scored the sweet deal of THREE bottles of this awesome UK import Dry Shampoo at TjMaxx, for $6.00!  If you want it THAT bad, you can get it at Amazon.

Yes it is “gold shimmer”.  So be ready to look kind of sparkly.  In fact, your whole bathroom will sparkle momentarily as you apply it and continue to do so for a few minutes after.  I bought three cans of this because I have a hoarding problem with dry shampoo.  This is something that I will only use for nighttime outtings and in emergency situations when I have no other dry shampoo left…which at this rate, will never happen because I have close to twenty cans of it now.





REVIEW: Bosica Bright White Mask…

I went into Sephora the other day.  You know, just to “look” around.  I didn’t need anything from there.  Who ever needs something from a makeup store?  I was immediately drawn to the Bosica Bright White Mask.  I also have their Black Mask, so I just had to buy the white one.

Beauty stuff isn’t cheap, but I’m a sucker for this crap, so I shelled out the $38.00 and tried it.  Here is a picture.  I feel like a mime in this mask.

So yeah, this mask is thicker than the black one.  The consistency is gooier than toothpaste, and it smells REALLY nice and went on easier than it’s black counterpart.  It also dries a lot faster.  It’s still kind of a pain in the ass to remove, but I’ll deal with it.

I don’t see any immediate change, but I’m sure if I use this on a weekly basis I will notice some sort of difference…or I could probably just put bleach on my face too for a more quicker, yet dangerous brightening effect.

All in all…this mask smells pretty damn good and I’ll definitely be tossing it in my magical bottomless beauty product bucket…

Preparing for Vegas…

It’s that time of the year again…VEGAS time…

Last year I was lucky enough to be in Vegas and witness some of the action being filmed for Oxygen’s Brooklyn 11223

This year I am going for a strip club convention and my mom, dad, sister, some of my friends, fiance, etc are coming.  It should be a very interesting trip.  I do not know if my parents will partake in any of the convention activities, but it will certainly (hopefully) be fun for everyone.

As of now we have NO plans to marry in Vegas…although the Cosmopolitan has a “pop-up chapel”getting married.  No, I do not think I we will be getting fake married…but you never know and stranger things have happened.

I will do my best to blog about any crazy/interesting/random happenings while I’m in Vegas…what happen’s in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas for me…but if you know me at all don’t get too excited about the mis-adventures I may be getting myself in…then again…who knows.

Genie Bras are coming out with NEW COLORS!!!

Yes!  This is something that makes me very happy!  The people at Genie Bra just sent out an email today announcing they are expanding to some fun fab new colors and a LACE version as well!  Awwww sweetness!

(are you guys coming out with panties too?)

I did a review awhile ago on the Genie Bra…and I still think they are super comfy…not super sexy, but with these new colors I think I might be able to rock it out.

Check out their website for their new colors, and free shipping!

I love you Genie Bra!


Check out my latest article about Andrew Rannells on!

So happy that The Gloss put up this fun interview I did with Andrew Rannells.  He was my prom date in high school!

You can read all about it by clicking on this:


Also, LIKE TheGloss on Facebook here!

Most of their stuff is work friendly, and if it’s not they actually give you a heads up before you click on a link, so you won’t open something compromising if you’re surfing the net on the job.

More soon.



Just Because a Dress is Called a “Running Dress” Don’t Take it Literally…TRUST ME…

Well, we’ve all made fashion mistakes before…and if something has a “sale” tag on it, I’m usually more inclined to buy it because I am all about a great bargain.

I’ve said before that I like Lululemon…but when I bought this dress and decided to wear it to the gym today…I realized that WOW…this dress is NOT made for literal RUNNING.  Even though it’s called “Run in the Sun Dress”.  I do like the color though, and it looks fab with the tan I have going on…but again it is NOT for running-unless you are an exhibitionist or shooting a porn.

This girl blogged about the dress too.  Here’s a pic, with a link to her feelings about the dress:


I feared the worst when I put this dress on, so I did workout with biking short on underneath it…a lot of the people at the gym gave me weird looks.  I didn’t care…then I finished my workout-looked in the mirror and felt like a bitch.

I was working out in a DRESS.  I probably looked like a snob.

Anyways…I do not plan on working on my fitness in this outfit again, however, I will probably wear it to brunch or something, or to walk the dog.

Here’s another dress you can get at Lululemon.  Clearly, I don’t think it’s meant for working out in.

It’s a big piece of fabric with two holes in it, and kind of reminds me of an “Infinity Dress”

Remember those?

If you click on this pic, you will see how a law student made her VERY OWN Infinity Dress…see…you can’t say I never tried to provide some helpful advice on this blog.

I am now going to continue catching up on “The LA Complex”…good God…that show is the most sugar coated, Disney version of Los Angeles I’ve ever seen…I’m hooked.



And ANOTHER Sleep Aid…Neuro Sleep Review…AND Neuro Bliss Review…

I think I’m onto something with sleep aids…people keep coming to this site to look at what I have to say about them, so I’ll stick with it until I run out of things to try.

The only sleep aids I have not tried, and do not plan on trying are Ambien or Lunesta…I think those things are more dangerous than benzodepanes, and sadly you can walk into a minute clinic and get a prescription for those as easy as you can “score” one for anti-biotics.  I’ve just heard too many horror stories about sleep eating, walking, etc…

Okay, so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Neuro Sleep.

Click pic to check out their site and the rest of their colorful beverages…

Look how fun and colorful these dudes are!

AND….Neuro Bliss

FYI:  If you want a sleep aid to hit your system faster, make sure you take it on an empty stomach.

Okay, I’ve tried Neuro Sleep twice now.  The first time…I was like, “Whatever…” but I was watching television so forced myself to stay up.

The SECOND time I took Neuro Sleep though…good GOD!  I had chugged at least 4 Sugar Free Red Bulls at my office, and thought, “Okay…we’ll see how good this stuff REALLY is…” and I have to say, it knocked me out, AND I was watching the latest episode of “Breaking Bad” which I love…so you know what that means.  IT WORKS.

This stuff is only 35 calories a bottle, and has a yummy yet weird orange taste to it that I actually really liked.  Do not take this during the day, unless you want to pass out.  I am going to take more tonight!

Okay…so last night I took Neuro Bliss.  It was equally yummy and tasted kind of like a fizzy grapefruit soda.  I got a little sleepy, but once again I was watching television, and the sleepiness wore off…but I know I could’ve passed out if I had wanted to.

Neuro Bliss can be taken during the day, but I wouldn’t operate any heavy machinery or watch small children while doing so.

Anyways…both of these drinks rock.  I’m curious to try the other ones, particularly Neuro Thin-which is supposed to be full of fiber and make you eat less.

More to come soon…





ZZZ Quil Part 2…and MORE Ways to Fall Asleep With MORE sleeping aids that are alcohol free!

I got such a great response from my ZZQuill review, that I’ve decided to follow up with my own personal remedy for my sleepless nights.

I can’t have alcohol, so it’s hard to find something that will knock me out since I’m an insomniac…but I’m giving you my PERSONAL remedy…I have a high tolerance to most sleeping aids because of all the caffeine I have during the day…but this stuff seriously knocks me out better than ANY benzo I’ve been prescribed.

Click on the pic to see the FAQ’s of this amazing Alka Seltzer product.

I take this more often than not, even if I DON’T have a cold.  It’s not harsh on the system and actually GOOD for you because there’s also a daily dose of aspirin in this stuff that doctors recommend to prevent heart attacks.  So if you can’t sleep OR if you think you may be having a heart attack-pop some alka selzter…

I make it with very little water, so it will taste AWFUL but works faster.

Then I will “chase” it with ONE of the following:

Dream Water– all-natural.

Drank– High in sugar content, but pretty effective.

Slow Cow -available in original and all-natural.

Sleep tight.