I LOVE Ice Cream….REVIEW Skinny Cow Products…

Omg…this stuff is just amazing.

ALL of their products are.  No I’m not getting a dime for promoting this, but if the people at Skinny Cow want to send me a case of ANY of their amazing edibles…I’ll gladly take it, and blog about it for LIFE.

I’ve really been enjoying their ice cream sandwiches…which are a mere 150 calories for per sandwich.

Also they have several mini ice creams available, same deal 150 calories and full o’flava!  I know this is going to sound un-healthy, but I’m having 2 for dinner tonight=300 calories, along with some frozen fruit.  Heaven. F’ing Heaven.

I think this stuff tastes AMAZING.  Other people may feel differently…but I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off or losing any flavor.  On their site you can check out their candy bars which are pretty great as well…the only bad thing about Skinny Cow is that I usually eat so much of their products that they’re not considered low fat-although I think 3 ice cream sandwiches can be considered a “brunch” or “breakfast item….that’s just how I roll.





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