Well it’s been an interesting week…

Well it’s been an interesting week (hence the title).  I’ve learned many important life lessons  this week.  Frankly, it sucked.  But other than a few minor lesson’s learned-everything is pretty f’ing spectacular.

I found a PINT of ice cream that is Vegan and Gluten free and is ONLY 150 calories…I am SO trying that tomorrow and I’ll write about it.  I’m going to see Union Square…(not the physical place…the movie, although I will probably walk through the actual Union Square to get to the movie theatre).

I don’t really have much to say in this recent blog, but I am posting a cute puppy pic.  Whenever I get frustrated, I play with my dog, binge eat a quart of ice cream, and look at pictures of cute baby animals…so here you go!

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