The Latest Fashion “Phase” I’ve Been Going Through…

When I’m not working at my “day” job, I am often found wearing sweats and workout clothes.  I own so many heather gray tank tops and sweatshirts that it’s concerning.  I have friends who go shopping with me that often stop me before I buy ANOTHER gray hoodie by saying, “That’s identical to the one you’re wearing right now.”

I decided to really change things up for the summer by purchasing some “running skirts” from Lululemon. I don’t really like spending a ton of cash on stuff, but I sadly splurged and got sucked into buying some stuff the last time I went to their cultish store.  Seriously people…go in there sometime and they are like Stepford Wives and Husbands trying to sell you workout gear and talk to you about Yoga at the same time….it’s disturbing, yet I keep coming back for more stuff.  I think they brainwash their customers, which makes sense because their staff goes through cult training upon hiring.  Seriously.

I bought two skirts…this one in purple.

(no this is not my body…I am too lazy to take a pic of myself, it’s a model from their site)

and this one in black.

(again…this is not me)

So yeah…I’ve been wearing these to the gym for cardio…and then I realized WHY I was drawn to these skirts to begin with.

I always wanted to be a cheerleader in high school, but never made the team.  I didn’t really WANT to put the work into cheerleading…I just wanted the uniform…now I can live my dream out everyday wearing workout skirts to the gym…looking trendy, and creating the illusion when I walk down the street, that maybe I’m a tennis player or a professional athlete…ahhh…one can always dream can’t they…

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