Crunch Gym BUYS OUT Local NYC Gyms….I’m bummed…

I’ve been working out at Gold’s Gym for, damn, a decade now…(if you want to make it sounds THAT dramatic).  Of course most of the time I spent at the gym I didn’t even get results because I was in various states of laziness and emotional distress.  Over the past 3 years though, I’ve gotten into a pretty groovy little workout routine there.

It involves 40-60 minutes of cardio on a treadmill with my Ipad watching movies and drinking coffee, wearing Uggs ON the treadmill (I’m not kidding, but only in winter months). Between that and working out with my trainer Jeanne doing gyrotonics, and doing some yoga pilates stuff at home…I felt like I had hit my fitness stride.  I go into Gold’s, grab a towel, bs with the front desk people, I’m able to chit chat with them…I really like the vibe there…then Crunch suddenly swooped in and bought out not only Gold’s, but Club H as well, and they’re expanding!  I thought Crunch went bankrupt?  I don’t know…but I’m not thrilled with this change.

It might have to do with the fact that several of my exes worked out at Crunch, and they were just not cool guys…so that’s a mental block I have to get over.  Also, there’s been a weird staff change at Gold’s.  New managers, and I really like the ones they’ve had there for years.

I swiped my membership card the other day, and the guy behind the desk asked me robotically: “What are we doing here today at the gym?”

“Ummm….cardio.” I said.

“That’s great!” he said this, and I know he didn’t really care about what I was doing there.

What I’m saying is that change is never the easiest thing, but I’m going to really try and look at these new Crunch people at the gym as INDIVIDUALS and not some weird corporate gym robots that they’ve tried to be…maybe with that outlook, the switchover will be a little easier…luxury problems…I know.

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