Sleeping Aids!! REVIEW…ZZZQuil Tablets, Rescue Remedy, Slow Cow…and more…

Well I’ve got news for you…you might as well stick with Benadryl if you’re curious in trying ZZZQuil.  BOTH have the exact same amount of Diphenhydramine.  I was pretty bummed when I made this discovery.  I’m always looking for stuff to help me sleep.  I could not try the liquid version of ZZZQuil-Warming Berry flavor-which sounds so very cozy, (I can’t even drink Kombucha) but…I did buy a bottle for a friend and handed it over fondly and told her to please try it, she liked it.

If you cannot sleep and do not have a cold I’d recommend the following products UNLESS you are a recovering alcoholic.

ZZZQuil I’d also recommend Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Basically the ALCOHOL content which is 10% will knock you out and off into dreamland…so you may be better off doing a shot of something.  Seriously.  People, most of the “sleep remedies” that work the best involve straight up alcohol.  You know that feeling you have after you’ve taken NyQuil that feels like a hangover kind of, with some grogginess?  Well…that’s exactly what it is…a hangover.  If you’re going to have a hangover, you might as well make it worth it, and not get there by drinking cold medicine, mouthwash, etc..

If you want something without alcohol, I like Alka Seltzer Nighttime Cold, Dream Water, and Slow Cow.

Slow Cow is pretty good…tastes a little odd, but definitely help knock me out and is “all natural”…that’s my piece of sleep remedies for today.

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