Almost Atkins…and recent new fun treats I’ve discovered…

So my diet plan “Almost Atkins” is going well…I guess?  I DID have some oatmeal, but that’s a healthy carb, and today I tried these yummy little Metamucil Wafers, cinnamon flavor.

It says one can have up to THREE servings a day…I could easily eat this whole box, but I know that I’d be in the bathroom for hours.  Just one serving provides 100% of a lady’s daily fiber.

I also discovered something that I believe should have been created YEARS ago from the makers of NyQuil…now there’s ZzzQuil!

I once was ADDICTED to NyQuil…and eventually got addicted to alcohol…so this product isn’t something I can try, but I’m giving it to one of my closest friends so she can review it for me.  It’s basically liquid Benadryl.  I DID buy the lesser effective tablet version of ZZZquil….but it has the same ingredient in it that helps you with allergies…so I’m not expecting any miracles.

The good thing about ZZZQuil is that it’s safer than NyQuil if you’re one who takes it for insomnia reasons…which is something I used to do.  I’ll let you know how my friend likes it, personally a shot of vodka would probably make someone just as sleepy, considering it has alcohol in it.


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