The Latest Fashion “Phase” I’ve Been Going Through…

When I’m not working at my “day” job, I am often found wearing sweats and workout clothes.  I own so many heather gray tank tops and sweatshirts that it’s concerning.  I have friends who go shopping with me that often stop me before I buy ANOTHER gray hoodie by saying, “That’s identical to the one you’re wearing right now.”

I decided to really change things up for the summer by purchasing some “running skirts” from Lululemon. I don’t really like spending a ton of cash on stuff, but I sadly splurged and got sucked into buying some stuff the last time I went to their cultish store.  Seriously people…go in there sometime and they are like Stepford Wives and Husbands trying to sell you workout gear and talk to you about Yoga at the same time….it’s disturbing, yet I keep coming back for more stuff.  I think they brainwash their customers, which makes sense because their staff goes through cult training upon hiring.  Seriously.

I bought two skirts…this one in purple.

(no this is not my body…I am too lazy to take a pic of myself, it’s a model from their site)

and this one in black.

(again…this is not me)

So yeah…I’ve been wearing these to the gym for cardio…and then I realized WHY I was drawn to these skirts to begin with.

I always wanted to be a cheerleader in high school, but never made the team.  I didn’t really WANT to put the work into cheerleading…I just wanted the uniform…now I can live my dream out everyday wearing workout skirts to the gym…looking trendy, and creating the illusion when I walk down the street, that maybe I’m a tennis player or a professional athlete…ahhh…one can always dream can’t they…

Crunch Gym BUYS OUT Local NYC Gyms….I’m bummed…

I’ve been working out at Gold’s Gym for, damn, a decade now…(if you want to make it sounds THAT dramatic).  Of course most of the time I spent at the gym I didn’t even get results because I was in various states of laziness and emotional distress.  Over the past 3 years though, I’ve gotten into a pretty groovy little workout routine there.

It involves 40-60 minutes of cardio on a treadmill with my Ipad watching movies and drinking coffee, wearing Uggs ON the treadmill (I’m not kidding, but only in winter months). Between that and working out with my trainer Jeanne doing gyrotonics, and doing some yoga pilates stuff at home…I felt like I had hit my fitness stride.  I go into Gold’s, grab a towel, bs with the front desk people, I’m able to chit chat with them…I really like the vibe there…then Crunch suddenly swooped in and bought out not only Gold’s, but Club H as well, and they’re expanding!  I thought Crunch went bankrupt?  I don’t know…but I’m not thrilled with this change.

It might have to do with the fact that several of my exes worked out at Crunch, and they were just not cool guys…so that’s a mental block I have to get over.  Also, there’s been a weird staff change at Gold’s.  New managers, and I really like the ones they’ve had there for years.

I swiped my membership card the other day, and the guy behind the desk asked me robotically: “What are we doing here today at the gym?”

“Ummm….cardio.” I said.

“That’s great!” he said this, and I know he didn’t really care about what I was doing there.

What I’m saying is that change is never the easiest thing, but I’m going to really try and look at these new Crunch people at the gym as INDIVIDUALS and not some weird corporate gym robots that they’ve tried to be…maybe with that outlook, the switchover will be a little easier…luxury problems…I know.

The Spice Girls Musical…on Broadway?!

Oh please God PLEASE let this be true….it’s opening in London in December.  Read about it HERE. 

With one of the producers from Mamma Mia, how could it NOT make it to Broadway.  I think I could easily play a teen onstage.  If a 30 year old starred as high school students in the original 90210…I could easily pull off 16 onstage.

Look how fab they look NOW…

Ginger is blonde, and Posh got hair extensions!

A Few Things I’m Loving This Summer…Beauty Products…

Okay…this is a quickie blog…in the middle of deadlines, but how am I enjoying my summer so far?  It’s pretty good.  I have some pending trips planned for business and pleasure.  Some stuff I’ve written is coming out this week, via web…I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m loving these products:

Dove Dry Shampoo:

Smells fresh and clean…I’m loving it so far.  Can’t beat Batiste though!

These towellettes ROCK…and come in all kinds of refreshing fragrances.

FYI! BARGAIN SHOPPERS: Sometimes they have these HALF off at TJMaxx! Orange, Lavender, Eucalyptus, mmmm!

Wanna smell like the beach?

Demeter Fragrances really are awesome.  I always carry at least 3 of them in my purse and choose one pending what mood I’m in.  This is my current fave in addition to their Suntan Lotion one.

Okay…that’s it for now!  I hope you learned something fun and new today!

Sleeping Aids!! REVIEW…ZZZQuil Tablets, Rescue Remedy, Slow Cow…and more…

Well I’ve got news for you…you might as well stick with Benadryl if you’re curious in trying ZZZQuil.  BOTH have the exact same amount of Diphenhydramine.  I was pretty bummed when I made this discovery.  I’m always looking for stuff to help me sleep.  I could not try the liquid version of ZZZQuil-Warming Berry flavor-which sounds so very cozy, (I can’t even drink Kombucha) but…I did buy a bottle for a friend and handed it over fondly and told her to please try it, she liked it.

If you cannot sleep and do not have a cold I’d recommend the following products UNLESS you are a recovering alcoholic.

ZZZQuil I’d also recommend Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Basically the ALCOHOL content which is 10% will knock you out and off into dreamland…so you may be better off doing a shot of something.  Seriously.  People, most of the “sleep remedies” that work the best involve straight up alcohol.  You know that feeling you have after you’ve taken NyQuil that feels like a hangover kind of, with some grogginess?  Well…that’s exactly what it is…a hangover.  If you’re going to have a hangover, you might as well make it worth it, and not get there by drinking cold medicine, mouthwash, etc..

If you want something without alcohol, I like Alka Seltzer Nighttime Cold, Dream Water, and Slow Cow.

Slow Cow is pretty good…tastes a little odd, but definitely help knock me out and is “all natural”…that’s my piece of sleep remedies for today.

Almost Atkins…and recent new fun treats I’ve discovered…

So my diet plan “Almost Atkins” is going well…I guess?  I DID have some oatmeal, but that’s a healthy carb, and today I tried these yummy little Metamucil Wafers, cinnamon flavor.

It says one can have up to THREE servings a day…I could easily eat this whole box, but I know that I’d be in the bathroom for hours.  Just one serving provides 100% of a lady’s daily fiber.

I also discovered something that I believe should have been created YEARS ago from the makers of NyQuil…now there’s ZzzQuil!

I once was ADDICTED to NyQuil…and eventually got addicted to alcohol…so this product isn’t something I can try, but I’m giving it to one of my closest friends so she can review it for me.  It’s basically liquid Benadryl.  I DID buy the lesser effective tablet version of ZZZquil….but it has the same ingredient in it that helps you with allergies…so I’m not expecting any miracles.

The good thing about ZZZQuil is that it’s safer than NyQuil if you’re one who takes it for insomnia reasons…which is something I used to do.  I’ll let you know how my friend likes it, personally a shot of vodka would probably make someone just as sleepy, considering it has alcohol in it.


A Summer Slimdown Solution?

I decided last night after denying myself pancakes for dinner, that if I cut out all of the “bread” products I eat, that I should be “tv thin” in less than a week. (this means I will look VERY skinny in person, but on camera I work look normal).

Last night I had a salad with little dressing, and some crackers..

Tonight I had steak, cheese, ham, tomato and a salad…i said no to the bread basket.  I’m not saying that this is what I’m going to eat ALL of the time, but I think it’s a fairly okay idea for now.  It’s like doing the Atkins diet…but not.  I don’t think you’re allowed vegetables on the Atkins diet, but on my slimdown plan I AM allowing vegetables, unless they are potatoes.

I think I’m onto something…I’ll let you know what happens.

Mmm…here is a picture of bread. Yum.

Probably One of My Favorite Quotes…Ever…

It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.  Makes you wonder what else you can do that you’ve forgotten about.  ~Alan Ball, American Beauty, 1999

Try it sometime…it’s pretty awesome.  It’s already a great week and Tuesday is just starting.

A cute baby animal to go along with this quote…because who doesn’t LOVE baby animals?!

Rules I Try To Live By…

Maybe it’s just part of growing up and getting older, I’d like to think that I learn a little something new each day…hopefully I’m a better person for it, older, wiser…and such.

Simple Rules…

1. The internet isn’t a private place, whatever you put out there people will see: a future spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, potential employer, or current boss…so make sure it’s something your parents wouldn’t be THAT mortified of…

2. Enjoy things in moderation, not to excess…

3. Make it happen.  Things won’t happen on their own, go out there and grab life by the balls.

4. Do something for yourself that’s good to surprise yourself every once in awhile.

5.  Don’t let haters bring you down, if anything they’ll make you work harder and be stronger.

6. There’s no need for jealousy, there’s enough out there for everyone.

7. Be grateful.

8.  Take it one day at a time.