Eyelash Extension Withdrawals, and some other stuff I’ve been working on…

So I finally made the decision to let my eyelash extensions run their course…and they have all fallen out…and instead of amazing luxurious HUGE lashes that straight men over 50 have even commented on (maybe because they looked THAT freakish)-I once again have mortal lashes.  You know, just regular under average lashes.  I’ve considered refilling my Latisse prescription…but no, I’m too lazy to even do that.  I’ve learned to live with eyeliner once again, and mascara…and it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I spend as much time applying that makeup as I spent avoiding getting ANY water in or around my eyes for the past YEAR….tell me to stay strong.  I’m saving money not having those damn amazing eyelash extensions…

NO this is not me. NO these are not my eyelashes. I envy this.

Lots of different writing things going on…Here’s a link to my latest on BounceBack.com about fun and inspiring movies that will help get you out of a rut.

Until next time…

Beauty Tip! If your lashes are weak after extensions or wearing false glue on ones, rub Jojoba Oil on them.  It smells nice and nourishes them back to health quickly.

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