BLOW! I Love My Blow Outs!!!…Haute Air Soho…

All I need in life to truly be happy, (in addition to my fiance, dog, bird, sobriety, and all of the other basics) is un-limitmless seltzer, espresso, and-a really good blowout.

Yeah, I have a “bar tab” at Dry Bar…which is nice and all…but I discovered Haute Air in Soho today, which is darling and they gave me the best blow out I’ve had in AGES.  Ask for Icy.  She is adorable, friendly, and really amazing at what she does.

Haute Air has only been around since August.  I love everything about this place.  The size, how friendly everyone is.  The decor, the services they have available, and they had a glass TRAY filled with Girl Scout cookies.

Seriously, a good blow out can make all the difference.  I’ll be rocking this until next week.

(these ladies were not there when I was getting my hair done…it’s way more laid back, but they have champagne and cookies, and some really great packages available)

More soon…

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