When is a Woman Too Old For Hello Kitty?….NEVER.

The answer really is, NEVER, but today I came to the sad realization that I just haven’t had the same whimsical feeling for Hello Kitty that I had for most of my life.

I like looking at Hello Kitty.  I like going into the Sanrio store, maybe I’ll even buy an HK pen or some bubble gum…stickers, totally fine.  I just had a revelation today that I don’t want to own a HK wallet, or baby t…I don’t even think I want one of those cute mini fridges they make, or a pink microwave.  I don’t know why I feel this way…maybe it’s part of being in my 30’s and being drawn to other things.

I hope this won’t offend anyone that I know who is obsessed with Hello Kitty.  I especially respect those who are so committed to her and Sanrio that they have Hello Kitty tattoos.

Today as I found myself looking at the adult glam version of a HK makeup line, I just cringed, I don’t think I’d feel right putting on blush with an HK Kabuki brush anymore.

Once I saw Hello Kitty dressed as a Playmate…I felt weird.  So did my sister Tipper.  Yes, we were in Las Vegas, and I understand the marketing there…but it’s almost like seeing a 13 year old in a thong…it’s just offsetting.

I understand having ONE Hello Kitty nail, but this is too much…

I don’t think this is fake…this bridezilla must REALLY LOVE Hello Kitty…then again, I cannot imagine someone cruel and demanding getting married in such an innocent dress.


Even though I feel that I’ve outgrown wearing you and the Twinstars as a part of my wardrobe, I will always have a special place for you in my heart Hello Kitty…I don’t love you any less.

BLOW! I Love My Blow Outs!!!…Haute Air Soho…

All I need in life to truly be happy, (in addition to my fiance, dog, bird, sobriety, and all of the other basics) is un-limitmless seltzer, espresso, and-a really good blowout.

Yeah, I have a “bar tab” at Dry Bar…which is nice and all…but I discovered Haute Air in Soho today, which is darling and they gave me the best blow out I’ve had in AGES.  Ask for Icy.  She is adorable, friendly, and really amazing at what she does.

Haute Air has only been around since August.  I love everything about this place.  The size, how friendly everyone is.  The decor, the services they have available, and they had a glass TRAY filled with Girl Scout cookies.

Seriously, a good blow out can make all the difference.  I’ll be rocking this until next week.

(these ladies were not there when I was getting my hair done…it’s way more laid back, but they have champagne and cookies, and some really great packages available)

More soon…

Costumed Character Hell…

Well today I made the fateful decision to get off at the Times Square station. I don’t know why I do this to myself.  It’s the same thing every time this happens.  I tell myself that it won’t be that bad, and that it’ll be quick, but I end up being emotionally traumatized-yet slightly entertained by what I end up seeing.

Now there are costume characters in Los Angeles in front of the Chinese Theatre.  These people take themselves WAY seriously.  Like Times Square, I avoid this area if at all possible.  Some dress like superheros, and others just wear slutty Halloween costumes.

Batman has been arrested several times and has been to anger management classes. (I’m not kidding, there’s a fascinating documentary about these people that you can watch and learn from.)

I’m assuming that’s Tinkerbell in the middle, and I thought the other one was Jasmine from Alladin, but there’s so much going on there I just think she made up her own character.

Times Square isn’t as regulated as it is in Hollywood…your character options are extremely limited.  I took these pics today, unbeknownst to the characters, because if they catch you taking pics they will hustle you down for a tip if you want a pic of them.

There were literally over 4 Buzz Lightyears roaming around…it must be tough competition out there.

I saw Minnie Mouse shaking down an old man for a tip.  I don’t know what she said to him, but he frantically looked through his pockets…that’s when the magic of Disney is ruined for me.  When Minnie asks you for money and out comes the voice of a scary man….

If Shannon Doherty Can Go Back to College Now…So Can I!!!

And I can do it in my pajamas, and major in so many cool things!!  Look at this commercial.  It it truly the most entertaining, best minute and 3 seconds that I have spent ALL week.

(Obviously this was a buyout).  Surely Shannon saved some of those residual checks from 90210…let’s hope so…but maybe I’ll sign up for a class online and Shannon and I will be in some virtual class/chat room together.  Wow!  What an awesome commerical.