Latest Reality Addiction!! BROOKLYN 11223!


I know what everyone is thinking-“Oh whatever…another Jersey Shore.”  But that’s NOT what Brooklyn 11223 is about at all!

I’m already hooked on this new show, and it’s referred to more as a docu-series, than a reality series because there are no set ups.  No summer houses where 4 random guidos are thrown into together and forced to run a t-shirt shop together.  This show is as real as you can get.

Joey Lynn (in red) and Christie (in blue) had been best friends since high school, until Christie heard that Joey Lynn hooked up with her (now ex) Roberto one night behind her back…and this series will ultimately answer the question-did she or didn’t she?

I know Joey Lynn, she’s a doll…and I don’t think she hooked up with Roberto.  But Did she?

I think we’re going to have to wait and see what happens on the show and it’s gonna get GOOD.

As for which team I’m siding with-I’m Switzerland.  I know Christie too…and she’s a sweetheart.  I’m staying neutral on this one, but I am DEFINITELY going to be watching this show every Monday on Oxygen.  Some good sh*t is going down!

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