Happy Friday..Saturday…and Sunday…! Groupon NOW!

I used the Groupon NOW! Feature today to get a blowout for a mere $29. Let me tell you, this is a pretty cool app that you can put on your smartphone, Ipad, tablet, etc…

How it works is that you download a coupon that MUST be used by a certain time that very day.  If you don’t use it, they will refund your money (I’m still waiting for 2 refunds…but I have tremendous faith in Groupon)

I decided to get a blowout today using a Groupon NOW!  My experience was so much lesser than the awesome one I had at Dry Bar. I’m all about a great deal…but getting a cheapo blow dry is comparative to a one night stand that you may never want to see again…the service provided wasn’t that it was bad…the guy who did my hair today just creeped me out.  With that said…other than blowouts and other beauty services, you can also get deals on food, yoga classes, comedy clubs, and even certain retail stores…

Other than that…I have more exciting news to reveal soon…no, I am not with child.

Have an awesome weekend.


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