More Blow for Your Buck…In Search of the Perfect Blowout!

I’ve recently decided that blowouts make life easier, and they are tax deductible in my line of work…so it’s really a win win situation for all involved and I end up with fabulous hair.

I paid an impromptu visit to Dry Bar last week in West Hollywood.  It’s ALL blow outs.  No cuts, color…just blow outs.  That’s it.  They do have snacks and drinks…and a menu of blow out styles with cute fun names like “Mai Tai” and “Southern Comfort”, etc…ALL blow outs are $35 ($40 in New York City) and you can add on fun things like scalp massages and deep conditioning treatments.

Even BETTER they have an adorable app that you can plop on your smartphone, so you can make an appointment without even having to deal with any live humans… 

Here are some pictures I snapped while at Dry Bar in Weho.


Now, I’m pretty sure this woman works here…she matches the decor perfectly.  I could not stop staring at her.  So I took some pictures.  If you wear bright yellow and match the store you’re in…you are just asking for a photo opp.



So I had my hair done by Kyle…and it looked AMAZING…I had it done last Wednesday, and thanks to dry shampoo and their special “Morning After” shower cap.  I’m still getting compliments on my hair.


It’s lined with terry cloth and worth the $15 to keep my hair looking good.

So yeah, I think I’m kind of into the whole idea of blowouts…but I’m even MORE into the idea of getting a good DEAL on them.

Go to Dry Bar’s website if you want to check them out and splurge on a super fun long lasting do…but I’ve also discovered more reasonably priced options on Lifebooker and Groupon.

Just remember the key to a long lasting blowout….a good shower cap, a scrunchie-YES a scrunchie to pull your hair back in while you’re sleeping-and make sure to spray your hair with dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed…and then touch it up in the am to keep it looking totally awesome.


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