Would You Like To Have a Pair of Rose Colored Glasses? Now you can…really…

I’m in Los Angeles this week…look at this guy at the airport in his designer knockoff jeans and man purse.  I think he knew I was taking this pic…but if you’re wearing a man purse…you are asking for it.

He was ASKING to be photographed in his kewl LA outfit!

LA has it magical moments…like DRIVETHRU Starbucks…Praise the Lord I don’t even have to leave the car to get my caffeine fix.  Look at this menu…I just HAD to take a pic.

SO many options to be enjoyed in the comfort of my vehicle!

I took a nice long stroll down the Sunset Strip…hit up an H&M…and scored a lovely pair of rose colored glasses/lenses for $6.95 (remember the pair I got for 97 cents at Old Navy the other day?  I’m already over them!!!)  These glasses really gave a ambient rose colored glow during my walk.

$6.95! H&M!

Look as I take a pic through the lenses…pretty! No special effects here…just the view from the lenses.

So relaxing!


More fun finds and adventures coming soon.


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