Cheap AWESOME Fashion Finds…and if you don’t like them…that’s not my problem.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am OBSESSED with TJMaxx and their sister store Marshalls…but mainly I am TJ ALL THE WAY!

This is my philosophy on shopping there (and I get all of my Philosophy products from TJ at a FRACTION of the regular price, fyi…)

If you need something trendy and better quality than H&M, and Forever 21 (aka Slut 21..and I mean this very affectionately because I can actually fit into a small there in most of their things now 🙂  I suggest TJ.  If it’s not a designer brand, it will probably last you about as long as it will be in style for, and then if you want to splurge, you can also find designer items there.  I don’t mind forking over a little more cash for pieces that I know I’ll be keeping around for awhile.

Accessory SCORE 1:

TJ Maxx…

Michael Kors Bag.

Retail price almost $ TJ....$175! The more I use it the softer the leather gets...AWESOME! (excuse the mess around the bag.)

Little Black Dress Score!

TJ Maxx…

I like this dress for the time being. It was a "Be-Pop" dress for $25.00 in the juniors section with an elastic waist. I knew it would be short on me, so I bought a large...but it works. I'm sure I will no longer want this dress in a few months...that's the beauty of a $25 dress.


DKNY from Rue La La…retro 80’s pumps.  $175.

These were an impulse buy but great quality. Came with a nice storage bag and everything...some days I like them..some days I don't...this week I think I do.

Accessory Score 2!

Retro “Emergency” sunglasses

Old Navy (gasp!)

NINETY SEVEN CENTS!!! Why the H not?

The best piece of advice I can give?  I buy sunglasses and gloves from Old Navy and H&M. People mistake them for designer shades ALL of the time and they are MUCH better quality than frames you find on the street for the most part…and if you’re anything like me…I lose/break my sunglasses, and the same goes with my gloves.

I had to hold myself back from buying a Missoni Umbrella at TJ for $60…but umbrellas always get snatched and break easy…I’ll be sticking with the ones I get for $6 on the street….

Okay…that’s my diatribe for the day. Enjoy!  If you don’t like my fashion ideas or suggestions, it’s okay!  We are all entitled to our opinions!

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