So I accidentally posted a super duper short blog entry yesterday.  So short that it could’ve been a status update on Facebook, or a tweet.

I said that I thought Angelina Jolie basically looked great at the Oscars.  Yes, she is thin.  TONS of Hollywood actresses are thin.  Part of being an actress on the West coast-especially if you want to do ingenue roles-is that you basically have to be a twig.  When I lived in LA, I was told that I could do “character” roles, unless I dropped 10 pounds….I dropped 20 pounds…4 years after I moved out of LA.  Sometimes people tell me I look too thin, but I’m like a white Oprah.  I can gain 5 pounds in 3 days or less, and lose it just as fast.  I’ve got a freaky metabolism.  Anyways…other than that, I saw Pat Benetar tonight at Irving Plaza.  It was amazing and she’s 59 and looks fabulous and sounds just as awesome as she did back in the 80’s.  

Okay…those are my thoughts of the day…working on a variety of projects…more news soon. 

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