Happy Friday..Saturday…and Sunday…! Groupon NOW!

I used the Groupon NOW! Feature today to get a blowout for a mere $29. Let me tell you, this is a pretty cool app that you can put on your smartphone, Ipad, tablet, etc…

How it works is that you download a coupon that MUST be used by a certain time that very day.  If you don’t use it, they will refund your money (I’m still waiting for 2 refunds…but I have tremendous faith in Groupon)

I decided to get a blowout today using a Groupon NOW!  My experience was so much lesser than the awesome one I had at Dry Bar. I’m all about a great deal…but getting a cheapo blow dry is comparative to a one night stand that you may never want to see again…the service provided wasn’t that it was bad…the guy who did my hair today just creeped me out.  With that said…other than blowouts and other beauty services, you can also get deals on food, yoga classes, comedy clubs, and even certain retail stores…

Other than that…I have more exciting news to reveal soon…no, I am not with child.

Have an awesome weekend.


More Blow for Your Buck…In Search of the Perfect Blowout!

I’ve recently decided that blowouts make life easier, and they are tax deductible in my line of work…so it’s really a win win situation for all involved and I end up with fabulous hair.

I paid an impromptu visit to Dry Bar last week in West Hollywood.  It’s ALL blow outs.  No cuts, color…just blow outs.  That’s it.  They do have snacks and drinks…and a menu of blow out styles with cute fun names like “Mai Tai” and “Southern Comfort”, etc…ALL blow outs are $35 ($40 in New York City) and you can add on fun things like scalp massages and deep conditioning treatments.

Even BETTER they have an adorable app that you can plop on your smartphone, so you can make an appointment without even having to deal with any live humans… 

Here are some pictures I snapped while at Dry Bar in Weho.


Now, I’m pretty sure this woman works here…she matches the decor perfectly.  I could not stop staring at her.  So I took some pictures.  If you wear bright yellow and match the store you’re in…you are just asking for a photo opp.



So I had my hair done by Kyle…and it looked AMAZING…I had it done last Wednesday, and thanks to dry shampoo and their special “Morning After” shower cap.  I’m still getting compliments on my hair.


It’s lined with terry cloth and worth the $15 to keep my hair looking good.

So yeah, I think I’m kind of into the whole idea of blowouts…but I’m even MORE into the idea of getting a good DEAL on them.

Go to Dry Bar’s website if you want to check them out and splurge on a super fun long lasting do…but I’ve also discovered more reasonably priced options on Lifebooker and Groupon.

Just remember the key to a long lasting blowout….a good shower cap, a scrunchie-YES a scrunchie to pull your hair back in while you’re sleeping-and make sure to spray your hair with dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed…and then touch it up in the am to keep it looking totally awesome.


Would You Like To Have a Pair of Rose Colored Glasses? Now you can…really…

I’m in Los Angeles this week…look at this guy at the airport in his designer knockoff jeans and man purse.  I think he knew I was taking this pic…but if you’re wearing a man purse…you are asking for it.

He was ASKING to be photographed in his kewl LA outfit!

LA has it magical moments…like DRIVETHRU Starbucks…Praise the Lord I don’t even have to leave the car to get my caffeine fix.  Look at this menu…I just HAD to take a pic.

SO many options to be enjoyed in the comfort of my vehicle!

I took a nice long stroll down the Sunset Strip…hit up an H&M…and scored a lovely pair of rose colored glasses/lenses for $6.95 (remember the pair I got for 97 cents at Old Navy the other day?  I’m already over them!!!)  These glasses really gave a ambient rose colored glow during my walk.

$6.95! H&M!

Look as I take a pic through the lenses…pretty! No special effects here…just the view from the lenses.

So relaxing!


More fun finds and adventures coming soon.


Cheap AWESOME Fashion Finds…and if you don’t like them…that’s not my problem.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am OBSESSED with TJMaxx and their sister store Marshalls…but mainly I am TJ ALL THE WAY!

This is my philosophy on shopping there (and I get all of my Philosophy products from TJ at a FRACTION of the regular price, fyi…)

If you need something trendy and better quality than H&M, and Forever 21 (aka Slut 21..and I mean this very affectionately because I can actually fit into a small there in most of their things now 🙂  I suggest TJ.  If it’s not a designer brand, it will probably last you about as long as it will be in style for, and then if you want to splurge, you can also find designer items there.  I don’t mind forking over a little more cash for pieces that I know I’ll be keeping around for awhile.

Accessory SCORE 1:

TJ Maxx…

Michael Kors Bag.

Retail price almost $400...at TJ....$175! The more I use it the softer the leather gets...AWESOME! (excuse the mess around the bag.)

Little Black Dress Score!

TJ Maxx…

I like this dress for the time being. It was a "Be-Pop" dress for $25.00 in the juniors section with an elastic waist. I knew it would be short on me, so I bought a large...but it works. I'm sure I will no longer want this dress in a few months...that's the beauty of a $25 dress.


DKNY from Rue La La…retro 80’s pumps.  $175.

These were an impulse buy but great quality. Came with a nice storage bag and everything...some days I like them..some days I don't...this week I think I do.

Accessory Score 2!

Retro “Emergency” sunglasses

Old Navy (gasp!)

NINETY SEVEN CENTS!!! Why the H not?

The best piece of advice I can give?  I buy sunglasses and gloves from Old Navy and H&M. People mistake them for designer shades ALL of the time and they are MUCH better quality than frames you find on the street for the most part…and if you’re anything like me…I lose/break my sunglasses, and the same goes with my gloves.

I had to hold myself back from buying a Missoni Umbrella at TJ for $60…but umbrellas always get snatched and break easy…I’ll be sticking with the ones I get for $6 on the street….

Okay…that’s my diatribe for the day. Enjoy!  If you don’t like my fashion ideas or suggestions, it’s okay!  We are all entitled to our opinions!

Is Dream Water Being Discontinued?!? Say it isn’t so!!!!

I went to TWO GNC’s today in search of my beloved Dream Water.  I LOVE this stuff, and it works!  I used to buy it by the case, but I just haven’t gotten around to it lately.  BOTH GNC’s told me that Dream Water is going to be discontinued!!!  NO NO NO!!!

Look at their Facebook Fan Page:

“Stock Up and Sleep Easy”-ummm are you hinting that we should stock up because you are being discontinued?  Because I’m about ready to do just that!

I highly recommend the Pineapple PM Flavor.

To the Dream Water Execs who may be reading this blog.  Hit me up.  I’m serious…I’ll buy your company.  Don’t let Dream Water die!


So I accidentally posted a super duper short blog entry yesterday.  So short that it could’ve been a status update on Facebook, or a tweet.

I said that I thought Angelina Jolie basically looked great at the Oscars.  Yes, she is thin.  TONS of Hollywood actresses are thin.  Part of being an actress on the West coast-especially if you want to do ingenue roles-is that you basically have to be a twig.  When I lived in LA, I was told that I could do “character” roles, unless I dropped 10 pounds….I dropped 20 pounds…4 years after I moved out of LA.  Sometimes people tell me I look too thin, but I’m like a white Oprah.  I can gain 5 pounds in 3 days or less, and lose it just as fast.  I’ve got a freaky metabolism.  Anyways…other than that, I saw Pat Benetar tonight at Irving Plaza.  It was amazing and she’s 59 and looks fabulous and sounds just as awesome as she did back in the 80’s.  

Okay…those are my thoughts of the day…working on a variety of projects…more news soon.