Time for a Makeover…

Hello All.

I’m in New York this week…and today the weather is especially dreary with rain and all.  Whenever it’s depressing and cold out, I always try to stay indoors, drink Coca-Cola (NEVER diet, only regular with lots of sugar)…troll on the internet and smell nice summery things like orange and coconut, which tricks my mind into thinking I’m sitting inside of cabana in Hawaii or something.


So I’m thinking about cutting my hair to look like this:

Keep in mind my hair is almost to my waist…I kind of don’t want to cut it…but the thought of it being shorter and easier to deal with sounds pretty enticing…

Also, I cleaned out my closet the other night and found nothing but a ton of gym clothes, and a bunch of American Apparel dresses…and some legwarmers…I think I’m in need of a serious makeover.  Whenever I go to a store though, I am drawn magically to the big baggy sweatshirts and pants area.  What is wrong with me?

I hope everyone is having an awesome day…I’ll write more later, and thanks to all the new visitors for stopping by!

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