Randwiches!!! mmmm! A Must Try in NYC!

Do you like to eat?  (Probably.)  Do you like sandwiches?  Do you like surprises?  Well I DO.  That is why I love Randwiches and that’s what I’m blogging about today.

Go to their website and look.  For $7.00 you can have a magical sandwich delivered to your house ANYWHERE the subway goes in NYC.  (Sorry…NYC only…and I don’t think they deliver to Long Island, but who knows…maybe they could start if there’s a demand)

The sandwiches aren’t basic, they are mega tasty with all kinds of crazy good combinations of ingredients…like carrot cream cheese!…mmm!  Chickpea, cabbage, pear, bacon…braised pork, etc…and if you don’t like something…you tell them and they won’t put it on your Randwich.

A really friendly and somewhat attractive delivery person will bring you your randwiches on a designated time and day.  The sandwich is a surprise!  You won’t know what kind it is until they arrive!  They do not accept tips, but like gifts, and people blogging and tweeting about them and how awesome they are.

So if you want to sign up, go to their site.  There is a waiting list, but it’s highly worth the wait.  They also deliver to offices too!  Party time!

I loved my randwiches so much, I wish I could order them each week!  Don’t forget to check out their site and follow them on Twitter!


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