Westminster Show…More Dry Shampoo…and other winter survival tips…

I’m super excited I get to go and cover a dog fashion show this Friday night.  In fact, I am so excited about this, it concerns me.  If a magician is there, I may implode with happiness.  Nothing says happiness like puppies, magic, and coca-cola.

Ironically I start covering some Westminster stuff the DAY Little Maximillian goes in for his pre-neuter check-up.  Alas, my baby will never be able to compete in dog shows, but I think he has a promising career in modeling and acting (he just appeared in a pilot).

He posed for this pic...

Forever on the quest to find Dry Shampoo to make my life easier, and yours…I just tried Lee Stafford’s fun looking stuff that comes in a pink can.

Money saving tip…buy this at your drug store and it’s cheaper than Amazon.com

I liked it a lot, but I did feel like I was spray painting my head because of the sound the can made when I was shaking it.  I’m still a huge fan of Batiste…but it’s getting harder to find in stores.

My fave is tropical!

I highly recommend Demeter Laundromat for a fresh clean smelling self!….

Make sure to not use too much...or you will smell like cat litter.

Check back later this week for more…

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