A Blog For You Because I Care…A Blog That Will Make Your Life More Bearable!

This is a blog because I care about YOU (whoever you may be who is reading this)…I just wanted to share a few fun things that make winter a little more bearable for me, and maybe it will for you too!

January kind of sucks.  It’s been exactly a month since Christmas and no matter where I am-New York or Los Angeles, it’s kind of cold and gross.  Are suicide rates up in the month of January?  Seriously…it’s like the longest month ever and I’m glad it’s almost over.

On the upside…I think my holiday weight is slowly but surely melting off.

After I ate 80 ounces of Rice Pudding from Rice to Riches in a span of 24 hours, I think that really put a stop to my holiday eating binges…at least for the time being.

Please allow me to share some things with you that have made my winter more bearable.

I bought a “sweat belt” for $5.00 at TjMaxx!

This is not me...I stole this from Google.

Can I say that I’ve been wearing this obsessively for the past 3 days.  It WORKS.  Well…I’ve gotten a heat rash and it’s kind of gross, but my stomach is DEFINITELY flatter, and I’ve been eating KIND of healthier.  So feeling skinnier makes me feel happier.

Fill your apartment or house with something that smells like summer!


I got this candle at TJMaxx too!  The scent of coconut is so overpowering after about an hour I need to blow it out.  I feel like it’s warm though when I smell coconut and beachy things.

This tastes HORRIBLE but works.

I’ve been fighting a cold off and on for the past month.  This stuff knocks me out so hard I feel like I’ve been roofied.  I don’t know if that’s good for some of you or not, but I have trouble sleeping and cannot take Ambien so this does just fine.  It tastes AWFUL, but it’s worth it.  To jazz it up, I put it in a fun tumbler so I can feel like I’m a little glamourous while I’m drinking it.

This Phillips Lamp is supposed to work too.  I haven’t been using mine this year…I think I need to get it out and recharge it…I’ll let you know if my mood is drastically altered the next time I blog.

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