It’s Miss America Week! (An Ode To My Pageant Past…With PHOTOS!)

Well thanks to Facebook and Twitter I can receive up to the minute info about what’s happening this week in Las Vegas as the Miss America contestants prepare for their big night.  There has already been drama!  Look, at least THREE contestants have shown up in the same “Arrival outfit”.  Oh no!

Miss Connecticut does NOT look happy...oh snap! Everyone went to Forever 21 or Bebe!

Miss Nevada, her smile says everything's okay...but her mind is racing...SH*T two other girls have on my outfit...

Let’s take a little poll.  Who do you think looks best in the outfit?  Vote and I’ll post the results later this week.

So I’ve done a few pageants myself.  I was Miss Omaha a million years ago, and my sash is still at my parents house along with a huge trophy that was bigger than our Christmas tree this year.  Here are some pics from my pageant past.

I would autograph these fliers at shopping malls and parades...

We did an opening number to a karaoke track of “Magic To Do!” from the musical “Pippin”…we all had to wear these matching purple sequin dresses…

Action shot!

This is a picture of me preparing to get ready for the interview portion of the pageant…note my subtle up-do, the heavy blush I applied, the whore red lipstick, the high waisted khaki’s, and my Swatch.

Changed and ready to go home, after I knew I bombed the interview portion.  I am crying hysterically…

Swimsuit competition, way before MAO made it kosher to wear bikinis.

There are NO words for this picture…

On that note…I’ll blog later…pardon me while I go flat iron my hair…

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