Realistic New Years Resolutions that ANYONE Can Accomplish!

I plan to be successful with all of my resolutions this year because I am cutting them in half, so to speak.

For example…

I’d like to lose 5 pounds (I really want to lose 10, but if I say 5 I can “trick” myself into maybe losing an extra 5 pounds).

I’m going to cut down on how much caffeine I have each day, instead of 10 Red Bulls, I will only have 5! (this means I will only have 7 Red Bulls, I can go halfway)

Yeah, maybe I’m contradicting myself here…but let’s face it who really accomplishes their resolutions?

I’m going to start wearing “real” clothes.  What do I mean by this?  I mentioned wearing leg warmers to dinner for New Years Eve to one of my closest friends.  He gave me a shocking reality check.  He told me that for the past three years he’s only seen me in workout attire.  I’m not even a personal trainer…so I can go halfway by wearing leg warmers AND high heels…

Did anyone see Jane Fonda on tv the other morning? She's still rockin' out the legwarmers...


If you want to quit smoking say you’ll only have ONE pack a day instead of two…(even if you already smoke a pack a day!) See!  Accomplishing resolutions CAN WORK!

Want to quit drinking?  Say you’ll only have one bottle of wine rather than two! (see where I’m going with this?)

If you meet your New Years resolutions halfway anything is possible!  Don’t set yourself up to fail…cut your goals in half and Jedi mind trick yourself into accomplishing anything!!


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