Ho ho Holiday Fun! My top picks on good gifts….

I know I’ve been lacking with my posts…but as a special holiday gift to all of you totally awesome readers is a post about what kind of gifts that you can give to other people!

I’ve always been told I give totally awesome gifts…so I’ll share my ideas with you, and you can decide if you like what I suggest or not and take what you will with this information.

For The Ladies…

I loved this so much, I bought it for myself…and a few other people who will be getting this as well.


I love this collection because all of the colors in this look good on ANY skin tone.  Bravo on this one Sephora…and it’s only $25…


I originally got some of these for my parents…but ate them…ALL…

Good God…these are GOOD…and if you’ve ever flown Delta or United, you’ve probably had these, if you like cookies.  They are cinnamony sweet, but not too sweet.  You cannot buy them in stores, but you can buy them on their website if you click on the graphic above.  I bought approximately 320 cookies, wrapped in individual packs per two….and yes.  I ate them ALL.  They were THAT good. (I didn’t eat them all at once…but I very well could’ve, they go down like butter)  They are also somewhat low calorie…but if you eat 320 of them, like I did…that is NOT low calorie.

For Him, Her, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Etc…

Blue Dolphin has magazine subscriptions for up to 70% off.  If you subscribe to websites like Groupon and Tippr-which I highly recommend for great deals…you can get even BETTER deals for magazine subscriptions (I got a year of Cosmopolitan for $10!)…EVERYBODY likes to have something to read while traveling, in transit, or on the toilet…so you can’t really go wrong with this…click on the pic below to check out Blue Dolphin.


Those are pretty decent gifts if you’re on a budget…not to mention gift cards to Starbucks for coffee lovers, or picking up bath products from retailers like TJMaxx or Marshalls at a bargain.

NOW…for my top gift picks this year….

The SodaStream!!!


You can order this online, or pick it up at just about any store.  This is a MUST have for people who LOVE seltzer, sparkling water, etc…I’ve saved tons of money and space on ordering seltzer by the case, not to mention I’ve cut down on recycling so many empty plastic bottles.  It’s a little pricier than most gifts I’ve listed, but definitely worth it.  It also requires no electricity!  So you can still use it in a blackout!

What to Give The Girl You’re Dating…

Typically women really take to heart on the kind of gift a guy gives them.  In some dating books they say, “Expect a romantic gift, that determines if the male perceives you as someone he’s romantically interested in.”  So boys, unless you’re in a committed relationship and you’re girl is begging you for a blender…OR a part for the washing machine in your kitchen that’s not working (HINT ERIC)…go with something romantic…what’s romantic?  Candles? Wine, Dinner, etc…avoid jewelry unless you know what type of bling your lady prefers, same with perfume and fragrances.  Just because something is expensive and popular, doesn’t mean your girl will like it.

What to Give A Guy You’re Dating….

If you’re dating a guy and the relationship is fairly new, be careful of what you get him…you don’t want to scare him away.  A magazine subscription could be perfect or a nice dinner out would work well.  But let the guy take the lead…see what he gets you first 😉

Any other questions?  Hit me up…and again…sorry Mom and Dad for eating all 320 cookies I was going to give you.



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