And another As Seen On TV Review of SNAP ON FEATHERS!

I neglected to mention that when I purchased my Genie Bra, I also bought this product as well:

You can see their very snazzy website with a fun commercial if you click on that graphic above.

Thankfully, I was able to pick these up at Bed, Bath and Beyond during my shopping binge.  Here’s what they look like:  Two come in a pack, I got a purple one…that looked pretty chintzy, and I got a chestnut one that looked pretty decent.  There is a mail in coupon which allows me to get a “peacock” one, but I’ve already misplaced it.

Now I don’t know if my product was defective or not…but these were NOT as easy to clip in as the commercials had promised, and as illustrated:

I just couldn’t get it to snap on properly, and it kept drifting down the length of my hair…again, maybe I just got a bad batch…but if anything this product made me feel like a poser.  I think I’m too old to wear feather extensions…but on the bright side…better to spend $10 on two of them, rather than $45 on one that’s permanently hot glued to your scalp (yeah…you can get those in Vegas)…

Any products out there you’d like to see reviewed?  Ask away…I’m working on a few different projects at the moment, but keeping this blog afloat…




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