My Review of The Genie Bra…(no this is not an advertisement)…

In my shopping spree through Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day in the Beverly Center…I originally came to get “one thing” and left with, well…like 10.  I’ve been eyeing and wondering about The Genie Bra for quite some time.  Their cheesy commercials, and promises of an amazing bra.  So for $19.99, I got two of them…why not?  As a woman you can never have enough lingere!  So I thought I’d throw one on and write a little review.


I was pleasantly surprised.  This bra was pretty magical.  It was comfortable.  Seamless, and oddly enough, a lot more supportive than I expected.  The removable padding that comes with it, has something to do with that-keep the pads in for more support.

I did everything in my Genie Bra.  I slept in it, went to the gym in it-it’s good as long as you’re not running a marathon-and it was so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing it, and nearly hopped into the shower with it on.

The commercial did advertise this bra as “sexy”…I’m not sure I agree with this bra as being sexy…but it’s comfortable and I’ll probably pick up a few more…

BRAvo Genie Bra….BRAvo!

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