Boom Boom WOW! My Review of Boom Boom Brow Bar NYC!

I’ve never been a “brow person”…I’ve been lucky that I don’t have to do a lot to maintain my brows.  Yeah, I have strays and grays here and there.  My biggest complaint is that I always feel like I have to use brow powder to make them look darker so I won’t look too washed out….

Now that’s all changed!  I went to Boom Boom Brow Bar in the West Village, since I was in town for a few days from California.  I was a bit skeptical at first and nervous that I’d leave looking too tweezed…but these ladies definitely know what they’re doing.  I got “brow rehab”-tint, wax and tweeze, and in less than 15 minutes I walked out feeling pretty sassy.  The BEST part was that usually after I’ve attempted to have my brows done my skin breaks out, but not this time!

Here’s a pic!

Yeah…BOOM (quite a closeup I know)…no makeup on here…this is how I roll…eyelash extensions from Blinglash-another HUGE fave place of mine (ask for Anna!)  And now My funtastic new brows thanks to Jen!

I’ll be back for more Boom Boom!  Check out their site here, which is as adorable as their spot.  I had such a nice time and they were so lovely I didn’t want to leave!

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