The Annual Costume Striptacular Spooktacular!

ALL WOMEN IN PHOTOS HAVE GIVEN ME PERMISSION TO POST THESE…(even though most of them are of me, and my dog)…

It’s that time of year again!  Where women go out and slut it up on Halloween…that glorious time where your ass can hang out of your hot pants and it’s completely acceptable, and expected.

A few volunteers from my office kindly volunteered for me to photograph them (well only ONE volunteer, other than myself…but I’ll share what I’ve got, then post the most popular slut-o-rific costumes that I’ve randomly snatched from google to give you an idea of what ladies are sporting this year.

Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.

Simply Adorable and creative.  She was upset she could not find a black friend to walk around with her and be “Tara”…but BRAVO to this one!

And yes here’s me…as an Astronaut in an “out of this world” authentic space jumpsuit that I got online…It’s so cozy, I think I’ll actually wear it this winter.  My makeup is not yet completed…and no, I will make sure it’s zipped up when I wear it in public.

On my way to the office, I stopped by Duane Reade to pick up some things, the cashier asked me where I was going…I said, “I’m going to work.”  She said, “Oh do you work for NASA?  Is there one around here?”.


Anyways…as usual, I also broke out my Starbucks Barista costume.  Not nearly as well received as when I first started wearing it 4 years ago.

These are the most COMMON costumes I encountered at work.  AGAIN…these are NOT photos of people I work with…just ones off of google.

Variations of “Slutty Cop”

This one was the most popular…then the others as pictured below:

(I once owned this very costume…it’s somewhere in my apartment at the bottom of a trash bag full of other fun sluttastic clothing)


Yep…I owned this one too…eons ago.

AND this one…when I was in a heavy metal band a million years ago…

Other than was a pretty chill and entertaining Halloween…and now for my sweet puppy’s costume….

Obi Dog Kanobi…a brown microfiber bathrobe that he promptly ripped off after this photo was taken…although he’s been napping in it lately which is pretty adorable.

Alrighty….Christmas candy is out in stores now and Halloween stuff is on clearance!  On to the next holiday dress up extravaganza!

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