I’ve been a VERY Bad Blogger Lately…

Sorry all…with the holiday season descending upon us, and me..well…just working on a billion other things.  I’ve slacked.  I hope you can forgive me.

I’ve just discovered this gem of a place on my last trip to Soho…

Dear Lord…it’s good stuff…and feel free to send me a Sumo or two of Chocolate Chip Flirt if you want to make me fat and happy this holiday season.

Okay…more later…hopefully sooner than later.  Thanks for checking in all and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!



And another As Seen On TV Review of SNAP ON FEATHERS!

I neglected to mention that when I purchased my Genie Bra, I also bought this product as well:

You can see their very snazzy website with a fun commercial if you click on that graphic above.

Thankfully, I was able to pick these up at Bed, Bath and Beyond during my shopping binge.  Here’s what they look like:  Two come in a pack, I got a purple one…that looked pretty chintzy, and I got a chestnut one that looked pretty decent.  There is a mail in coupon which allows me to get a “peacock” one, but I’ve already misplaced it.

Now I don’t know if my product was defective or not…but these were NOT as easy to clip in as the commercials had promised, and as illustrated:

I just couldn’t get it to snap on properly, and it kept drifting down the length of my hair…again, maybe I just got a bad batch…but if anything this product made me feel like a poser.  I think I’m too old to wear feather extensions…but on the bright side…better to spend $10 on two of them, rather than $45 on one that’s permanently hot glued to your scalp (yeah…you can get those in Vegas)…

Any products out there you’d like to see reviewed?  Ask away…I’m working on a few different projects at the moment, but keeping this blog afloat…




My Review of The Genie Bra…(no this is not an advertisement)…

In my shopping spree through Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day in the Beverly Center…I originally came to get “one thing” and left with, well…like 10.  I’ve been eyeing and wondering about The Genie Bra for quite some time.  Their cheesy commercials, and promises of an amazing bra.  So for $19.99, I got two of them…why not?  As a woman you can never have enough lingere!  So I thought I’d throw one on and write a little review.


I was pleasantly surprised.  This bra was pretty magical.  It was comfortable.  Seamless, and oddly enough, a lot more supportive than I expected.  The removable padding that comes with it, has something to do with that-keep the pads in for more support.

I did everything in my Genie Bra.  I slept in it, went to the gym in it-it’s good as long as you’re not running a marathon-and it was so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing it, and nearly hopped into the shower with it on.

The commercial did advertise this bra as “sexy”…I’m not sure I agree with this bra as being sexy…but it’s comfortable and I’ll probably pick up a few more…

BRAvo Genie Bra….BRAvo!

Do you get Harassing Phone Calls from 801-742-8160? How to Make Them Stop!

Okay…so up until recently I was getting phone calls from this mystery Utah number.  I did some research online to try and make them stop…unfortunately this company is based overseas, and they don’t have anything such as a “do-not-call” list.

I know this is a random blog topic, but I know I wasn’t the only one out there getting weird phone calls from these annoying people.

I was getting these calls because I had purchased antibiotics in bulk online, thinking I’d score a sweet deal about 4 years ago.  For some reason I guess the company got bored and went through their database and called me literally EVERY day for SIX MONTHS.  At first I politely answered and told them to please take me off of their list.  But the next day they’d call again.  I’d say they had the wrong number, and they’d still try and sell me something.  I’d stop them, we’d argue.  It’s as if they were bored and liked talking to me…I thought I was alone in my harassment, but then I found this message board online, which was quite helpful.

So how did I make the calls stop?  You can do one of two things.  Do not answer.  If you answer the call, the company’s computer will register your number as a “live wire” an active number that a telemarketer will keep calling, even if you say no, (since this comany has their calls outsourced, kind of like the show on NBC) they don’t have the same “do not call list” rules and regulations in other countries…so they may tell you, you’ll be removed from their list…in reality you won’t.  If you stop answering their calls…they will taper off, but never die down completely and you’ll still hear from them every 6 weeks, to 3 months, like a lingering ex that is begging for another chance and won’t take no for an answer.

So what did I do that made the phone calls STOP completely?  I took the advice on one of the message boards of one woman, and when the 801 number called I answered:

“NYPD narcotics.”

To make a long story short, the telemarketer took me very seriously.  Apologized profusely…and I received another call from them later that day, I told them they needed to leave me alone because I was the police.  They hung up.  It’s been two months since I’ve heard from them.

Yeah, this a a random blog…but I know it’ll help someone out there somewhere.  But watch “Outsourced” on NBC…it’s quite funny…

Boom Boom WOW! My Review of Boom Boom Brow Bar NYC!

I’ve never been a “brow person”…I’ve been lucky that I don’t have to do a lot to maintain my brows.  Yeah, I have strays and grays here and there.  My biggest complaint is that I always feel like I have to use brow powder to make them look darker so I won’t look too washed out….

Now that’s all changed!  I went to Boom Boom Brow Bar in the West Village, since I was in town for a few days from California.  I was a bit skeptical at first and nervous that I’d leave looking too tweezed…but these ladies definitely know what they’re doing.  I got “brow rehab”-tint, wax and tweeze, and in less than 15 minutes I walked out feeling pretty sassy.  The BEST part was that usually after I’ve attempted to have my brows done my skin breaks out, but not this time!

Here’s a pic!

Yeah…BOOM (quite a closeup I know)…no makeup on here…this is how I roll…eyelash extensions from Blinglash-another HUGE fave place of mine (ask for Anna!)  And now My funtastic new brows thanks to Jen!

I’ll be back for more Boom Boom!  Check out their site here, which is as adorable as their spot.  I had such a nice time and they were so lovely I didn’t want to leave!

The Annual Costume Striptacular Spooktacular!

ALL WOMEN IN PHOTOS HAVE GIVEN ME PERMISSION TO POST THESE…(even though most of them are of me, and my dog)…

It’s that time of year again!  Where women go out and slut it up on Halloween…that glorious time where your ass can hang out of your hot pants and it’s completely acceptable, and expected.

A few volunteers from my office kindly volunteered for me to photograph them (well only ONE volunteer, other than myself…but I’ll share what I’ve got, then post the most popular slut-o-rific costumes that I’ve randomly snatched from google to give you an idea of what ladies are sporting this year.

Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.

Simply Adorable and creative.  She was upset she could not find a black friend to walk around with her and be “Tara”…but BRAVO to this one!

And yes here’s me…as an Astronaut in an “out of this world” authentic space jumpsuit that I got online…It’s so cozy, I think I’ll actually wear it this winter.  My makeup is not yet completed…and no, I will make sure it’s zipped up when I wear it in public.

On my way to the office, I stopped by Duane Reade to pick up some things, the cashier asked me where I was going…I said, “I’m going to work.”  She said, “Oh do you work for NASA?  Is there one around here?”.


Anyways…as usual, I also broke out my Starbucks Barista costume.  Not nearly as well received as when I first started wearing it 4 years ago.

These are the most COMMON costumes I encountered at work.  AGAIN…these are NOT photos of people I work with…just ones off of google.

Variations of “Slutty Cop”

This one was the most popular…then the others as pictured below:

(I once owned this very costume…it’s somewhere in my apartment at the bottom of a trash bag full of other fun sluttastic clothing)


Yep…I owned this one too…eons ago.

AND this one…when I was in a heavy metal band a million years ago…

Other than that..it was a pretty chill and entertaining Halloween…and now for my sweet puppy’s costume….

Obi Dog Kanobi…a brown microfiber bathrobe that he promptly ripped off after this photo was taken…although he’s been napping in it lately which is pretty adorable.

Alrighty….Christmas candy is out in stores now and Halloween stuff is on clearance!  On to the next holiday dress up extravaganza!