Happy Birthday Kirk Cameron!

So this photo has been circulating around the web.  Kirk has turned 41!  Go Kirk!

A lot of people think this photo is “sad”…but I think the only sad thing about it, is that I don’t see any presents on the table for him, and maybe a bigger cake and a pizza would’ve been a nicer touch….and maybe a keg or some vodka for the Birthday boy and a stripper.

Here’s a totally awesome link with more Birthday guest options photoshopped in:


Don’t hate too much people…Cameron has his own webseries and is totally bff with the Lord.  AND he seems pretty darn happy for being a Hollywood child star survivor.  I spent two years in Los Angeles and came back an f’ing basket case…We only hear about the people who don’t survive the Hollywood trenches…so it’s kind of nice that Kirk’s happy…(even though I think it’s messed up he didn’t invite Alan Thicke or Tracey Gold or any other of his castmates to his wedding…and obviously this birthday party.)

Whatever happened to this dude?






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