Officially Over Missoni for Target…

Well it was certainly exciting when everyone and their mom wanted to get a piece of the Missoni for Target action and caused the website to crash, and caused chaos in Target’s all over the nation…kind of similar to when I really wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was a child.  It was exciting wanting one…then once actually GETTING one, it was great and all (until my uncle told me that my Cabbage Patch Kid was possessed by an evil demon, then I didn’t want it anymore), and then of course, once you have something…you really may not want it as much as you thought.

I was a sucker for the Missoni items, and bought a few of them on Ebay that were marked up two to three times of the original price. One being a “blanket”…a BABY blanket…that the seller on ebay kind of neglected to mention.  This baby blanket barely covers my lap and it’s too thick to be a scarf…this one woman wrote an inspirational blog about how she turned this very same style of baby blanket into a DRESS…(I have a feeling more than one blanket was involved in the crafting of it.)

Ever buy a dress or a shirt you really like, then you go out and see half of the city wearing the same thing…then suddenly you don’t like it anymore?  Well that’s kind of what happened with Missoni for Target.  I am sick of my dress and seeing it on everyone and their sister…it’s going up on Ebay.

Also, when I went to Target today…there were no Missoni items to be found except some chipped picture frames…and some framed Missoni tiles that were selling for $35 a pop.  How sad.

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