Falling into Fall…and the dreaded phone number scam 801-742-8160…

Yeah…I’m dreaming of the lovely autumn weather in New York City that is absolutely beautiful with the leaves changing colors, crisp fall walks in the park, and all of the Pumpkin products being resurrected for this magical season.  Sadly, that Richard Gere and Winona Ryder film, I think being called something like “Autumn in New York”, is a bit cheesy, but perhaps with some recasting it could be something a little more magical.

There is simply nothing like Fall in New York, and being able to stroll down the street in that in-between jacket that you break out directly after the winter, and then once again, just in time for the chilly brisk days.

Autumn in New York is similar to what I’d refer to as winter in Los Angeles…except in Los Angeles, I rarely see any falling leaves…and being in LA has sense of discombolulation with seasons….the weather is lovely…but a little blizzard would be nice to shake things up.

Yeah…this entry is a doozy isn’t it.  Writers block is a bitch…more to come…slowly and surely getting inspired.  In a perfect world, I could go to Central Park, plop myself down with the laptop and MAKE myself write obsessively, wear an adult diaper to avoid any interruptions…ahhh….I probably won’t wear the diaper.

Next Blog:

Get this…have you been getting harassed by a telemarketer calling from this number 801-742-8160?  They don’t abide by the do-not call list regulations…they’ve been calling me for almost a year for the love of God.

Well I can tell you how to make them stop.

More on that next blog in the next few days.

Don’t miss me too much.


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