What Are the Odds? Breaking a Toe TWICE in a year..

Well…it appears as if I’ve been slowed down once again from running around.  I broke my toe AGAIN for the second time this year!  By simply stumbling into the side of my dog’s cage.  I’m badly bruised, worse than last time…but it’s far less painful than it was…I’ve been off of my feet doing R.I.C.E. and even more bizarre is that my fiance broke his toe less than 24 hours after, by stumbling in the exact same spot…his is far worse..dislocated and broken.  What are the odds?  We are TOEtally in love.

I’ve been watching “Sister Wives” on Netflix while I’ve been confined to laying down.  It’s an interesting show..but it has been giving me nightmares-as I nap, I keep having dreams about Kody and his wives (no, not sexual dreams) but really weird realistic dreams, where I’m interviewing them for a magazine column and we’re all having lunch…What does this symbolize?  I do not know.

This picture makes me uncomfortable.

I do think the show could benefit from having a stylist come in and give everyone a makeover…there’s a lot of potential in that house.

More eventually…

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