Starbucks…Fool me Once, Shame on You…Fool me Twice, Shame on ME?…

For starters, this post is NOT intended for ANYONE at the Starbucks that I frequent the most…although lately I’ve been “wandering” to a few different ones, I’m sure my pals that read this that work there, that know me and have for years know that this is not for them…but to the other Starbucks in the Manhattan area…


Dear Starbucks,

I’ve been loyal to you guys for over ten years…that’s a pretty long time.  Recently one of your barista’s encouraged me to purchase a “personal cup”.  An extremely large, bulky plastic “iced” beverage one, with the promise of FREE refills, by simply registering my card online and maintaining a balance of $5.00.  I could bring my cup in WHENEVER to get free refills.  Wow!  This seemed too good to be true…and you know what…I think it was.

In the past few weeks, Starbucks has been under fire for covering up their electric outlets-asking “laptop hobos” to leave unless they purchase another beverage.  One barista writing “bitch” on a customers cup, and another employee getting terminated for posting this song up on You Tube.  You guys need to hire a better publicist…because “no such thing as bad press”…isn’t true.  Actually, it would be nice to have THIS which I have taken from your official website provided to some of your partners who don’t seem to know the policy on refills.

So in taking my cup to be refilled to one Starbucks, I was asked for a RECEIPT to prove that I was getting a refill, and told that I would be given a 10 cent discount for having a personal cup, and that what I had been told when I originally bought the cup was not true.

Well if that was the case, I wouldn’t have bought the cup to begin with.

So every Starbucks I go to seems to have a different policy on refills…and lately, these policies have not worked in my favor-meaning that there always seems to be an arguement, dissagreement, or some kind of issue or 10 minute wait for giving me an iced tea refill.

I was willing to keep quiet and just accept that this is the way Starbucks works in New York City, until I attempted to get a refill at a “flagship” store, was given attitude about the policy…THEN watched in horror as I was served INSTANT POWDERED ICED TEA in my personal cup.

If you want to serve me instant tea, that’s fine…if you’re upfront about it.  Just don’t make me try and pay full price for a product that’s not what you claim for it to be, give me crap about your refill policy, and by all means…don’t “mix” the instant tea in front of your customers.  Be a little more slick about it.  It’s like the difference between instant mashed potatoes and real ones…seriously.

Of course I didn’t argue…I knew this was a lost cause and a battle I wouldn’t win.

Starbucks…where is the loyalty?  Do you realize how much money your customers are giving you?  Your locations are as ingrained in my brain as the subway system.  Give me a map of the city and I can promptly tell you where a Starbucks is.  I feel brainwashed.

Again, this rant does NOT apply to my beloved Starbucks that I have frequented over the past decade…but to all other ones.

Okay…enough of my rant.  I should just shut up, and brew my own iced tea…but since this has happened, I have NOT returned to Starbucks.  I feel cheated…I’ve been drinking Red Bull and going to Dunkin Donuts for my iced tea.

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