This is NOT a mean blog about Netflix…actually it’s a helpful one to all of the scorned users out there!

Wanna get rid of your Netflix account because you’re pissed off at Reed Hastings?  Well…I kind of did too….but you know what…sometimes it’s easier to just stick with something-like a bad relationship, etc…than to change things up…because change is hard people.

The other day as I logged into Netflix to watch Breaking Bad-probably the SMARTEST move they made by adding that awesome show onto their site due to the massive amounts of hate mail they were receiving.  I realized that someone else had been watching movies on my account!

And not just any movies…but odd movies, comedy specials, a variety of different things popped up that seemed so odd…but then again, I decided to watch them too, so it was kind of like a mystery referer.  Kind of like a fun secret friend to help me pick movies!

Ummm….Netflix…are you doing ANYTHING about this little glitch, I mean, surely you are since you raised the prices?  Doesn’t that mean you should raise your security levels as well.

Would anyone like to have access to my Netflix account?  For a mere $20, I will give you my password and username and you can use it for the whole YEAR!…that’s right…think about that deal.

Think about that Netflix…what are you doing with that huge price jump you just made.

Message me!  My offer for a $20 pirate Netflix membership stands.  DVD option not available…streaming only.

Note…to any Netflix people who read this…I have an odd sense of humor…I doubt that anyone will take me up on my offer…but come on guys…get on it.  You revolutionized a niche for yourselves in the DVD by mail and streaming market…you’re just being kind of A**holes now.


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