Big News For Red Mango Fans in NYC…and EVERYWHERE!

I don’t know if this is a secret, but since it was happening during business hours I guess it’s not…but the Red Mango on 14th street is now going to turn into a SELF-SERVE Red Mango!  Woo hoo!  Then again…this has it’s pro’s and con’s.  The main con being for ME…is that the last time I went to Red Mango and self-serviced my bill was $20.00 for ONE VERY LARGE yogurt that I consumed all by myself…it was delicious.  Look at this smooth operation that happened the other day on 14th.

They are making way for all of the self-serve stations!  I cannot wait to see when this will be completed…but until then…Pumpkin Spice is BACK!

I wish this flavor was around all year…but if it were…it simply wouldn’t be as magical or tasty as it is.

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